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The aim of every advertiser is to prepare a worth noticing, easy to remember advertisement that will be perceived positively by the customer. Nowadays, in the world flooded with advertisement, it is getting harder and harder for the advertisers to appeal to customer. That is why advertisers search for an alternative solution and cinema-advertisement can be one of them.


On-screen advertisement includes advertising spots that are broadcast prior to each film screening time. Cinema-advertisement is becoming more and more creative and entertaining worldwide. Advertisers do not broadcast only 10 or 30 second spots as it is usual on TV, but they make use of up to 60 second spots. This time duration combined with a giant screen and quality sound enable us to develop very entertaining, dramatic and imaginative stories.


Off-screen advertisement provides more space for originality and creativity. There are various forms of off-screen advertisement each of which appeals to customers’ distinct moods and distinct perception of the surrounding percepts.

For more information contact CineXpress s.r.o., which provides the advertisement for CineStar.

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